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monitoring.jpgAt Zenith Networks we’re especially proud of how interested in your network we are.

In fact we’ll look at it several times a day. And we’ll not just look at the obvious things. Here’s the sort of items that all our customers have monitored on a daily basis to ensure that problems are spotted and rectified early - as well as establishing a useful history for fault resolution and reporting:

  • Computers running Windows
  • Computers running Mac OS
  • Computers running Linux
  • Security status (antivirus installed and current)
  • VOIP phones
  • Network printers
  • Routers, firewalls, network devices with SNMP support
  • Devices with HTTP port 80 support
  • Network traffic stats on switches that support SNMP
  • Groups in AD
  • Users in AD
  • Applications installed on Windows/Mac OS/Linux
  • Hotfixes and services installed on Windows
  • Windows event logs
  • Networked UPS’s
  • NAS devices
  • Virtualisation guests/parents (VMware and Hyper-V)
  • Warranty state (HP, DELL)
  • Core application monitoring (Exchange/SQL)

That’s quite a list, and with all that information comes a wealth of opportunities for us to report on it! And did we mention that its free?

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